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Cardboard boxes- environmental friendly

Card board boxes are the most commonly used material used for packaging across the globe, you will find a lot of cardboard boxes lying around you if you look around your home and office, every single item is either stores, show cased or packed would be in a cad board box. This is because it actually helps an item well protected and cushioned; most importantly it keeps a product safe from moisture. One of the biggest advantages of cardboard boxes is that these are environmental friendly which is very important to be. Looking at the kind of global warming happening, using cardboard box is even safer for any king of storing or packing things.

Environmental benefits

  1. Cardboard boxes are recyclable: The best part in using a card board boxes is that these can be recycled and this is probably only material that is recycles across the globe. Although whatever card board box that we use are recycled only and it consume less energy while manufacturing it once again.
  2. Can be reused: Card board boxes can be reused after one use, because of its flexibility these boxes can be folded and stored to be reused in future for storing or packing the stuff once again. People even reuse these cardboard boxes for decoration as well or make play rooms for their kids.
  3. Nothing extra needed: While recycling the cardboard boxes there is nothing extra material you need to make a new cardboard box. This can be made from the cardboard box that one has trashed. Once manufactured again, it looks absolutely the same new as it was earlier, that is the reason it is known for its affordability.
  4. These are renewable material: Card board boxes are made from soft wood trees like birch and pine trees that are easy to find and can grow faster as compare to hardwood trees. That is the reason these trees are used to make paper and cardboard boxes.
  5. Cardboard boxes are protective: When you use cardboard box for packaging it saves your product from environmental effects like save it from moisture, heavy wind storms, dust, etc.   


Looking at the environmental conditions and global warming, it is important that one must use a material which is environmental friendly and cardboard boxes are one such material that can be used for any purpose. Unlike plastic packaging material, cardboard boxes are much better and affordable item to be used.