Types of Shutters

Shutters have long been used to either add aesthetic appeal or to guard against sunlight and strong winds or for privacy and security reasons. Before being replaced by glass windows, they performed all the functions of what a glass window performs today, and more. They can be made of wood, timber, plastics or aluminum and they can directly be attached to the window frame.

There are a variety of shutters to choose from and they can be broadly classified as interior and exterior shutters. Interior ones are installed in the inside of a glass window, whereas exterior ones are installed on the outside. Also, they can be opened or closed like a door, or they could be collapsed to the side. 

Choosing the Right Shutter

Shutters, commonly, have louvers and they can either be fixed or operable. Unfixed louver shutters can either be shut completely or be kept open at some angle; whereas fixed louver shutters have their louvers fixed open at some angle. Various options can be looked into depending upon the need, be it security, privacy or shielding against strong wind or sunlight: Continue reading