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What you should do to recover your Instagram account?

Let us understand what recovering your Instagram account means. First, recovering could generally mean recovering a deleted account or recovering deactivated account. Majorly lot of repeated queries is on the latter part. Let us see what you should do on both of these scenarios.

What you should do in case your account is deleted?

People sometime get confused between the word deleted and disabled.  If you have chosen to delete your account or by someone, it means your accounts does not exists anymore. By definition, it is deleted forever and there is no possible way to recover it. This will however will allow you to use the same username again. This might look like somebody else is using your account but fairly that is not the case, it is creating a new account with the previous username. Make sure you know the basic difference between deleting and disabling your Instagram account.

How to reactivate and recover your disabled Instagram account?

As we were saying, there is no going back once your account is deleted but temporarily disabled account can breathe again once you choose to reactivate them. Let us see the possible situations where you have to reactivate and how to recover an IG account.

  1. Open your Instagram app. In order to reactivate your temporarily disabled account, you have to simply log in again with your username and password. This action is simpler than said; Instagram is very strict when it comes to reactivating your disabled account. Another aspect of Instagram policy is it allows user to disable only for a week. Enter right credentials and you will successfully recover your Instagram account.
  2. If you could not recover your account by logging in then you should be trying this. In order to reactivate your and recover you Instagram account reset the password. You need to click “Forgot password” below the log in button then enter your username or correct email address, if all seems verified if shall receive an email with steps to reset your password.
  3. What should you do if you still have persistent trouble recover your Instagram account? There is only one way that is to contact the Instagram directly you can do so by:
  • Instagram help center from the internet – You can report you problem and broken features, find instructions.
  • You can tap the option “something is not working” from your account.  Or click on “I can’t log in “ to find more instructions to recover your Instagram account
  • Finally, access privacy and safety center and click “Report something”; this will allow you to take your problem directly to the Instagram team.

Final thoughts

When using social media accounts, sing-in issues bound to happen. However, user need not panic. After all, recovering your disable Instagram account is simple and easy but remember, there is no way to recover when you choose to delete your Instagram account.